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Southern Mamas – Things They Say

Southern mamas add a whole new element to parenting. If you have one, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For example, they don’t just tell you how good you have it. They kick it up a notch and let you know what you’ll be thinking in the future by saying, “Some day you’ll thank

Southern Ways – Life in the South

Southern ways can be confusing to anyone from other parts of the world. In fact, even those from the good old U.S. of A. are often baffled by the actions of southerners. If you plan to move to the South or just pay us a visit, you need to understand the southern ways of doing

Adult Cats – Why Adopt an Older Cat

Adult cats need as much love as the cute little kitten that makes you laugh. So don’t overlook the older ones when it’s time to expand your family. Besides, the kittens won’t stay little forever. You realize they’ll turn into full-grown cats someday, right? Over the past few years, my husband Wally and I tossed

Southern Sayings – Life in the South

Southern sayings may baffle some people, but they’re becoming more commonplace around the country. However, you may still hear some sassy southern sayings that you might not understand. Of course, you need to know the meanings of these sayings before you use them. It’s important to realize that if you say something southern out of

Life in the South – Things to Love

Life in the South is sweet. Although I grew up in a military home and moved every couple of years throughout my childhood, we kept returning to the South between assignments. It wasn’t difficult, but it wasn’t easy either. Both of my parents were from Mississippi. My mother grew up on a farm in a

Family Dinner – Nutritious and Budget-Friendly

A family dinner gives the parents and kids an opportunity to come together as a unit. Even if your cooking skills aren’t the best, putting a meal together every night gives you practice, and you will improve over time. Additionally, most people are looking for ideas for a family dinner on a budget. As my

Party Platter Made Easy

A party platter helps make entertaining easy because it provides two things—the food and part of the decoration. I like to use the three-tiered platter that was super easy to make and didn’t cost a fortune. In fact, I purchased everything I needed to make it at the Dollar Tree. While it’s easier to order

How to Make a Three-Tiered Serving Platter

If you’ve ever needed to know how to make a three-tiered serving platter, you may have been overwhelmed by how complicated it can be. That’s why I’ve decided to share my easy instructions. A well-designed serving platter is necessary in a southern home. After all, you need to make everything look as inviting and delicious

New Year’s Day Dinner Tradition

My very southern family had a traditional New Year’s Day dinner that we always had. Regardless of where we lived or what our situation was, my parents would never think about changing it up. Main Entrée for a New Year’s Day Dinner The most important part of the meal was including some sort of pork.

Southern Manners Basics

Knowing southern manners is essential when living in the South. Every southerner knows the importance of good manners. Whether he or she uses them or not is a whole ’nother story. Southern Upbringing It seems like there’s something about southern mamas—and sometimes daddies—that compels them to harp on the importance of being mannerly. I think